The Sermon Subscription

Blueberries · Dark Chocolate · Balanced



Now you can enjoy our Sermon Espresso Blend as a subscription that comes right to your door. This subscription allows you to choose between the 12 oz. and 1 Kilo (2.2 lbs) bags.As always, we cover the shipping charges.

Please Note:

  • Subscriptions can only be shipped within the U.S.
  • Subscriptions are shipped out on Wednesdays


The Sermon has always been a new take on an old classic. A round body, heavy chocolate notes and berry sweetness are what we consistently strive for. We find coffees that suit this profile and create a blend that focuses on flavor, and highlights coffees from East Africa and South America. Fazenda Aurea a dry-processed Catuai from Brazil, offers a sturdy body and is a great background, while a perfect Guji dry-processed Ethiopia provides an intense berry note. Balancing out these extremes is a coffee from Colombia made up of smallholder farmers’ coffees from the northern Cauca region; known for being clean, sweet and full of ripe fruit flavors. All together they yield an espresso that is both exciting and approachable.

world_mapVarious Small & Large Producers
Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia
Minas Gerais, Cauca, Guji
Fresh Blueberries, Dark Chocolate, Balanced



The Sermon excels on a wide variety of espresso machine types (including the old-school, vintage lever machine types). We use a relatively standard approach on our more modern equipment. The Sermon is versatile, so a shorter shot tastes great too. Some folks also like to use the blend on their coffee brewer or press pot for a deep cup.

IN: 20 GRAMS // OUT: 24-27 GRAMS // @: 24-27 SECONDS