The Streetlevel blend is special not only because of its reliable flavor profile, but also, by virtue of the fact that it shares a name with one of Verve’s guiding principles. Crafted to serve as the backbone for our milk drink offerings, the current rendition of Streetlevel has a strong caramelized fruit character and zesty punch that speaks to its Central American components. On more of an abstract level, its namesake reminds us that the coffee experience is about bridging the gap from Farmlevel to Streetlevel through storytelling, education, and a shared coffee experience that we can all appreciate.

This year’s first-semester Streetlevel Espresso is a dynamic blend of coffees from
two impressive growing regions; Colombia’s Cauca department, and the inimitable
Santa Barbara region of Honduras.

From deep in the Southern reaches of Colombia’s Cauca department – 8 hours
south of its capital Popayan, to be exact – sits the Argcafe growers association.
Here, in the Andean foothills, 102 member farmers deliver coffee harvested as
high as 2100 MASL. Not only do we love the citric acidities and bright stone fruit
flavors typical of these coffees, but we’re immensely proud to support a growers
association dedicated to providing technical support and access to markets to a
region formerly known for production of illicit drugs.

Tasked with balancing-out the Colombian top-notes and giving this year’s first-
semester Streetlevel depth, are a selection of lots from Peña Blanca’s Beneficio
San Vicente. This selection features coffees produced by small-holder farmers
scattered about the fog-shrouded slopes of the Santa Barbara mountain and we
couldn’t be more excited to extend our Honduran project-work to our flagship
espresso blend.

Various Producers
Colombia, Honduras
Cauca, Santa Barbara
Bourbon, Caturra
1600 – 2000 Meters
February – June
Stonefruit, Marmalade, Maple Syrup



Streetlevel Espresso works perfectly as your everyday espresso or as a brewed coffee. This version we have been liking pulled fast and medium in output.

IN: 19.7-20g // OUT: 29-30.5g // @25-27s