Streetlevel Subscription

Stonefruit · Marmalade · Maple Syrup



The Streetlevel blend is special not only because of its reliable flavor profile, but also, by virtue of the fact that it shares a name with one of Verve’s guiding principles. Crafted to serve as the backbone for our milk drink offerings, the current rendition of Streetlevel has a strong caramelized fruit character and zesty punch that speaks to its Central American components. On more of an abstract level, its namesake reminds us that the coffee experience is about bridging the gap from Farmlevel to Streetlevel through storytelling, education, and a shared coffee experience that we can all appreciate.

Now you can enjoy our Streetlevel Blend as a subscription that comes right to your door. This subscription allows you to choose between the 12 oz. and 1 Kilo (2.2 lbs) bags.

As always, we cover the shipping charges.

Please Note:

  • Subscriptions can only be shipped within the U.S.
  • Subscriptions are shipped out on Wednesdays


This year’s second-semester Streetlevel Espresso is comprised of coffees from two special regions on the periphery of the historic city of Antigua, Guatemala.

The formidable Finca Candelaria is seated slightly south of Antigua on the western slopes of Volcan de Agua near the municipality of Alotenango. Though once sold under the name “Antigua”, the stone fruit-forward coffees of Alotenango, in recent years, have begun to receive recognition as a region of their own.

Our stunning lot of Candelaria was hand-selected by our green coffee team after cupping through multitudes of “day-lots” from the estate. This year’s lot is a selection of late-harvest Bourbon and Caturra varieties, is packed full of the dense, stone fruit flavors we love.

Antigua’s beautiful estates but, rather, celebrates the small-holder farmer. The Los Santos project sources coffee cherries from small-holder farmers in the municipality of San José Poaquil before they’re milled at the Bella Vista mill. We’re ecstatic about the vibrant citrus-fruit flavors cultivated on this special hillside and moreso about the platform the Los Santos project provides to promote and improve quality in this micro-region.

world_mapVarious Producers
Alotenango, Chimaltenango
Bourbon, Caturra
1500 – 2000 Meters
November – February
Stonefruit, Marmalade, Maple Syrup



Streetlevel Espresso works perfectly as your everyday espresso or as a brewed coffee. This version we have been liking pulled fast and medium in output.

IN: 19.7g // OUT: 29-30.5g // @23-24s