What do you get when you combine a pair of naturally processed Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees, and roast them with a lively, washed Colombian? Spoiler–you get our Sermon blend. What we hope will surprise you, is how seamlessly the dark chocolatey latin flavors combine with the juicy purée of cherry and blueberry that are characteristic of the dry processing method. Right up there with PB&J and any Wes Anderson/Owen Wilson film ever made, the Sermon’s berry–chocolate combination is among our favorites of all-time and carries an abiding flavor profile that is easy to enjoy. It should be noted that the Sermon blend makes for an intriguing and downright satisfying espresso shot, but also has a palpable complexity that translates well to a variety of brewing methods.

The Sermon has always been a new take on an old classic. A round body, heavy chocolate notes and berry sweetness are what we consistently strive for. We find coffees that suit this profile and create a blend that focuses on flavor, and highlights coffees from East Africa and South America. Fazenda Aurea a dry-processed Catuai from Brazil, offers a sturdy body and is a great background, while a perfect Guji dry-processed Ethiopia provides an intense berry note. Balancing out these extremes is a coffee from Colombia made up of smallholder farmers’ coffees from the northern Cauca region; known for being clean, sweet and full of ripe fruit flavors. All together they yield an espresso that is both exciting and approachable.

Various Small & Large Producers
Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia
Minas Gerais, Cauca, Guji
Catuai, Bourbon, Heirloom
Fresh Blueberries, Dark Chocolate, Balanced



The Sermon excels on a wide variety of espresso machine types (including the old-school, vintage lever machine types). We use a relatively standard approach on our more modern equipment. The Sermon is versatile, so a shorter shot tastes great too. Some folks also like to use the blend on their coffee brewer or press pot for a deep cup.

IN: 20 GRAMS // OUT: 24-27 GRAMS // @: 24-27 SECONDS