Our Coffee Culture

Our coffee culture focuses on the intersection of three of the world’s premier coffee roasters: Intelligentsia, Stumptown and Verve.

We are one of the few coffee shops in the country to feature three different roasters because we believe each one represents the best of roasting excellence. Through this trio of diverse offerings, our customers get to experience the fullness of what makes coffee a daily luxury.

Our choice of elite beans also tells the story of each bean’s journey, a story that is becoming increasingly more important to socially-conscious Americans. Because we source single-origin beans, our customers enter into the narrative of how the beans were grown, who grew them and what makes each coffee’s flavor unique and captivating.

Educating Our Communities About Coffee

As roasters across the country and the world have become more transfixed with sourcing elegant, delicious coffees, the coffee-drinking public has become more aware of coffee origins and the manifold ways coffee is brewed.

That’s why, when you walk into our cafes, you can choose between Chemex, Kalita, Moka pot and several other kinds of coffees that are a little more complex than the traditional drip brewer.

We realize this can be intimidating, which is why we conduct coffee workshops in the community to help people understand why, for example, Chemex-brewed coffee may taste different than coffee prepared in a Moka pot.

Our desire to educate starts within our own R1 community. We send our baristas to Stumptown, Intelligentsia and Verve to help them understand how the beans we use and sell are made – the passion, the nuances and the beauty. Their earnest fascination with our incredible coffees results in an incredibly informative experience for our customers.