LOCATION: Boca Raton, Fl

Job Description
Own and operated by the Golik family, R1 Coffee offers a unique blend of specialty coffees and amazing food to give customers an enriched coffee house experience. Come and join us for a cup today!
In order to provide the perfect coffee, food, and atmosphere, the Goliks have spent 18 years traveling throughout the USA, United Kingdom, and Australia to discover and study the best and newest coffee traditions. When the decision finally came to open their own coffee shop, they continued their world tour and studied for over 8 months to learn the best tricks of the trade.
Pulling all of those experiences together, R1 Coffee offers the finest coffees provided by specialty vendors brewed with the best equipment and partners the drinks with ideally chosen foods created by a chef specifically for our coffees. From basic brews to specialty drinks, we have a coffee and food pairing that will fit you perfectly – but we don’t stop there.

At R1 Coffee, we know that the best coffee in the world is enhanced only by the right atmosphere. This is why we have visited dozens of coffee shops around the globe to study and perfect an environment that will welcome every guest to feel like they are “a part of the family”.
Come and Grab a Cup of Coffee
From our experiences and education into the best coffee brewing practices in the world, we are ready to be your number one coffee shop. Be sure to join R1 Coffee for the grand opening in January 2017 as we bring you the best in coffee, food, and coffee shop atmosphere from the best brewing traditions around the world. We are excited to serve you and brighten your day with our finest Cup-of-Joe.

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